FAQ - Madinah Islamic University (MIU)
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What is the registration process?

  1. All students should complete the registration form on the website and submit it.
  2. An email will be sent to the student for email confirmation.
    The email will provide further instructions, regarding:
    – Student ID
    – Conditional acceptance (based on Fee payment)
    – Method of Fee payment (Note, that the student name and ID must be mentioned when making the payment)
  3. Once the fee has been paid and a confirmation received by MIU, an email will be sent to provide enrollment confirmation

How long are the MIU Courses?

  1. Courses at MIU are self-paced which means that students can learn at their own schedule and speed:
    Degree courses:
    The Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma degree courses can be completed on an average of 9 / 10 months duration (or one academic year) and on a part time basis. Each degree course is spread over 3 semesters, with 12 hours of teaching per subject per semester. The first semester will have 4 subjects, and each will have 12 hours of teaching and a number of tutorial sessions.
    Short courses:
    These are flexible courses and can be completed as quickly as 1-4 weeks or can be stretched out for 3 months.

How much time do I need to devote to my studies?

Due to the self-paced nature of our courses, each student can decide how much time they want to spend each week on their courses. We highly recommend to create a schedule based your circumstances and adhere to it in order to benefit from what you learn.

When do the courses start?

There is no schedule defined and each student can start as soon as s/he is enrolled into a program or course.

What is the deadline to change in courses?

Change in course is allowed only in the first few days after enrollment and difference in tuition fee may apply.

Are all the courses online?

Currently, all our courses are online and it may change in the future based on local partnerships.

Where is MIU located?

The Head office and legal registration is in the United Kingdom, with technical office in Dubai. We DO NOT at any point claim that we are what is commonly known as ‘Jamia Islamiyah’ in Madinah. We are an independent online Islamic University that teaches the curriculum of the ‘Jamia Islamiyah’ in the English language.

Will I be able to withdraw from the course?

A student is able to withdraw from a course at anytime that they wish. However, if you have started the course, then refund of the fees will not be possible. The refund of any fees is as per the agreement that was emailed to you when you registered.

What is unique about MIU

Our curriculum is that of the ‘Islamic University in Madinah’, but in the English language. You will study an abridged (shortened) version of the curriculum during the 3 levels of the course. MIU has plans to include a 4th year, which will entail any modules which were omitted due to time constraints. We DO NOT at any point claim that we are what is commonly known as ‘Jamia Islamiyah’ in Madinah. We are an independent online Islamic university that teaches the curriculum of the ‘Jamia Islamiyah’ in the English language.

Are the courses accredited?

Our courses are currently accredited by ‘OXEL Awards” from the UK, as well as one of our UK college partners. The plans are for all our courses to be eventually accredited on the QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) in the United Kingdom, thus providing valuable transferable credits to other courses and institutions around the world. This is currently work in progress and we hope that it will be completed before the first cohort completes the course. All course curricula are accredited by IASCU (an International accreditation body located in the UK).

What are the entry requirements to join the programme?

You must be above 16 years of age when you start
Have good understanding of English, as the courses are taught in English (except Arabic courses)

Who is teaching the course?

All of our instructors are former students or current students at the Islamic University in Madinah. With all instructors having studied or currently studying in the faculty where they are teaching for MIU. We also have some scholars teaching, who may or may not have studied at the Islamic University in Madinah.

Can I join from anywhere in the world?

Yes, geographically, you can join from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

I still haven’t received my log in details to the student portal?

Please, email MIU through the contact page and someone will be in touch.

I am currently a full-time/part-time university student. I was wondering if I can do this course whilst studying at a University.

Yes, you can join different courses even if you are studying at a University. Please be aware of the time requirements and MIU urges you to ensure that you plan your time well so your studies do not suffer.

Will I need anything more than a computer to follow the lessons?

No, you do not need anything more than a computer or mobile device and something to take notes on.

What is the refund policy?

  • Refund is only possible if you haven’t started the course in which case a processing fee will be charged and balance refunded.
  • Once the course starts. NO REFUND.
  • 14-day refund policy for purchases through selected partners/third party advertising platforms, not applicable on direct purchases.

Are there exams?

Yes, mid-term and end of the semester exams exist for all degree courses. MIU will initially use multiple choice online exams, with plans for exams to be held at local centers within different countries.

I am facing financial problems and unable to pay for the course, do you offer scholarships?

We offer scholarships from time to time. Please, contact us to check.