About - Madinah Islamic University (MIU)
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About MIU

Madinah Islamic University (MIU) is an Independent Online educational establishment delivering quality and authentic Islamic knowledge to the world. MIU has emerged from the desire of every Muslim to study the sciences underpinning the religion of Islam, but not having the opportunity and means to travel to study for prolonged periods of time to achieve this. MIU is an online University that caters for the needs of all those who are not able to travel to study in Islamic institutions.

The objective of MIU is to bring together the professionalism and quality assurance of the western Universities with the teaching curricula of the ‘Islamic University of Madinah’. MIU offers a unique curriculum which is an abridged version of the curriculum from ‘The Islamic University of Madinah’, and is accessible to everyone that desires to improve their knowledge of Islam.

At MIU, we aim to be an outstanding provider of a wide range of Islamic courses that meet the needs of everyone, combining tradition with innovation and outstanding teaching and learning.

Goals of MIU

To revive the classical Islamic sciences

To promote the importance of seeking knowledge and to unify the Ummah based upon the word of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

To maintain low course registration fees such that our programs are accessible to all, and providing scholarships to the neediest students

Linking the masses to the authentic knowledge of Islam, and focusing upon learning and understanding Quran, Hadith and various Islamic sciences, upon the Methodology of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, according to the understanding of the pious predecessors of this Ummah.

Using the latest technology and modern educational means, in order to achieve the goal of making the basic knowledge of Islamic sciences easily accessible for everyone, from all parts of the world