Diploma in Hadith Sciences - Madinah Islamic University (MIU)
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Diploma in Hadith Sciences

Course Duration 3 Semesters
Credits Needed to gain the qualification 120 Credits
Max Credits that can be carried forward from Awards 10 credits (1st Semester only)
Pre-requisite None

Course Description:

This course is designed and tailored to equip students with the main fundamentals of the various sciences of Hadith, and to connect the student with the classical texts of the scholars of Hadith comprehensively. It also focuses to build the aptitude of the student by allowing the student to implement the sciences of Hadith theoretically, practically, and analytically with sound comprehension.

From the essentials of the course is for the student to identify and acknowledge the achievements of the scholars of Hadith by them serving the sciences of Hadith, the anatomy of the compilation and perseveration of the Hadith, throughout the different ages of Islam. An indispensable objective is to engineer students academically to defend the Sunnah & Hadith and to refute the deceptive doubts and false arguments of the orientalists and rejecters of Hadith

It also focuses to cultivate and help the student to be able to examine critically by implementing the principles of the scholars of Hadith related to the chains of transmission and its text and recognize the grading of the scholars of Hadith upon the narrations with its explanation. Lastly, it also aims to clarify the concept of the connection between Fiqh & Sunnah. The Fiqh Madhab of the scholars of Hadith has always been present and co-existed with the other Fiqh Madhabs. It has its principles, which are implemented in order to deduce and derive correct Fiqh rulings solely based upon the Hadith and is not a literalist Madhab as claimed by many.



Compulsory Modules
Semester I Semester II Semester III
  • Books of Hadith (Abu Dawood)
  • Islamic History 1
  • Seerah 1
  • Arabic Level 4

Total Credits = 40

  • Books of Hadith (Tirmidhi)
  • Tahweed 2
  • Fiqh of Hadith 1 (Ibaadat)
  • Arabic Level 5

Total Credits = 40

  • The Books of Hadith (An Nasai)
  • The Books of Hadith (Ibn Majah)
  • Seerah 2 (Characteristics of the Prophet)
  • Arabic Level 6

Total Credits = 40

Total Credits necessary to achieve Diploma in Hadith Sciences = 120 Credits