Fiqh 1 - Madinah Islamic University (MIU)
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Fiqh 1

Lesson Structure:

Introductory Lesson:
Introduction to the module and study methods
Lesson One:
Purification – Liquids, utensils & personal hygiene
Lesson Two:
Purification – Miswaak, Wudhoo, Wiping over socks & Ghusl
Lesson Three:
Purification – Tayammum, removal of (Najaasah) impurities & menstruation
Lesson Four:
Prayer – Adhaan, Iqaamah & Conditions of the Prayer
Lesson Five:
Prayer – Description, pillars, obligations & Sujood As-Sahw
Lesson Six:
Prayer – Voluntary prayers, congregational prayers & rulings pertaining to the Imaan
Lesson Seven:
Prayer – Jumu’ah and the people excused from praying
Lesson Eight:
Prayer – Eid Prayer, Eclipse Prayer & rain prayer
Lesson Nine:
Funerals – Funeral prayer, preparation and procession
Lesson Ten:
Zakaah – Cattle, agriculture & wealth
Lesson Eleven:
Zakaah – Merchandise, Zakaat al-Fitr & to whom Zakaah is given
Lesson Twelve:
Fasting – Invalidators, voluntary fasting & I’tikaaf



Course Description:

This course is designed to give the student a strong foundation in the basics of Fiqh, it is a requirement for both the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Sharee’ah. It introduces the student to key concepts in Fiqh, important terminologies and Fiqh classifications.

At this level, there will not be a heavy focus on evidences nor on conflicting opinions of the Fuqahaa, because the objective is to gain a solid foundation before delving into conflicting opinions.

Upon completion of the Certificate in Sharee’ah, a student will be able to transition to more advanced studies as well as delving into the classical books of the Fuqahaa. The student will have studied the majority of sub-topics in Fiqh of both brands of Ibaadaat (Worship) and Mu’aamlaat (transactions). Fiqh 1 is the first module in which an overview of the various sub-topics of Fiqh is studied. This, and the two following modules, will be divided according to classic Fiqh chapters. In the first module, the Fiqh of Tahaarah (purification), Salaah (prayer), Zakaah & Siyaam (fasting) will be covered.

At the end of this module, the student will be able to define the above named acts of worship and develop a good understanding of the important issues relating to them.