Usool Al Fiqh 1 - Madinah Islamic University (MIU)
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Usool Al Fiqh 1

Course Description:

In this course, the book ‘al-Waraqaat’ by Imam al-Haramain al-Juwaini (May Allah be pleased with him) will be taught with an in-depth explanation. Explanations will be based on the works of Shaykh ibn ‘Uthaymin, Shaykh ‘Abdul Muhsin al-‘Abbaad, Shaykh ‘Abdullah al-Fawzan and others.



Aims and objectives:

Through this course, the student will gain an introduction to the science of Usool al-Fiqh, and a detailed understanding of the various Ahkam ash-Shar’iyyah (rulings of the Shari’ah), and more.