Madinah Islamic University | Gateway to islamic sciences
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Curriculum of Madinah

An abridged version of curriculum from ‘The Islamic University of Madinah’.

100% Online

Quality of on-campus courses, with the flexibility to learn when and where you want.

Courses for Families

For every Muslim to study the sciences underpinning the religion of Islam.

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We have a range of plans suitable for individuals as well as for Islamic centers and schools

  • $20

    • BASIC
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    • Access all courses for 12 months
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    • For Islamic Centers & Schools
    • Access all courses for 12 months
    • 2 User Accounts

Madinah Islamic University (MIU) Online

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is that of the “Islamic University in Madinah”, but in the English language. You will study an abridged version of the curriculum during the 3 levels of the course. MIU has plans to include a 4th year that will entail any modules which were omitted due to time constraints.

Our Core Values

  • Dedicated to reviving the Islamic Sciences
  • To promote global Muslim unity in accordance to the book of Allah & the sunnah of His messenger
  • No compromise on teaching quality
  • To facilitate a unique learning experience
  • Adopting the methodology of the companions and their successors in comprehending the Deen

Our Vision & Mission

To be internationally recognized as the leading educational institution promoting the study of Islam in the English language. MIU aims to be a world leader in preparing individuals for leadership and whose knowledge, skills and values will serve the Ummah and defend Islam, globally, leading to the enhancement of the humanity.

Simple Steps to Start Your Studies

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